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Freediving in Cyprus

November 2-11, 2017
8 spots
350 EURO

Freediving course. Deep water.  That's all you need. On you sea, buoy, instructor and you!

Cyprus in November is perfect for deep water freediving trainings: water is +25C, air is +22. visibility is 25-30m, tourists are not many, lodging may suit any taste and wallet. And as always - easily accessible by air, simple logistics, online visa application!

What is the plan?

Programme of the course

Deep water course includes 6 training days comprised of:

- freediving session (2-3 hours),

- onshore breathing exercises to increase lungs elasticity and strengthen equalization skills (40-60 min),

- theory (1,5-2 hours).

There are two days booked after the training program for one of the best diving spots in Europe - Zenobia wreck.


You will be taught and accompanied by:
Taya Soboleva
Irina Smolentseva
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