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Free-diving in Iceland

July 22-26, 2017
water t: 3 °С
visibility 100m
depth 66m

What Iceland is famous for? Waterfalls, geysers, trolls. And of course the most unusual football team. But not many people know that Iceland is cut in two parts by a fissure between two continental plates – North American and Eurasian. It’s called Silfra and among other things it’s famous for incredibly clean water in the rift allowing visibility around 100 meters.

The rift is filled with fresh water, coming from melting Langjökull glacier, which is a reason why water is so clean. In fact, it’s one of the cleanest on Earth.

Underwater landscape is formed by lava rocks, algae and sand. At the narrowest points you can touch two continental plates at a time.

About Iceland

What do we know about this country?

There are slightly more than three hundred thousand people living in Iceland. And based on our experience those are probably the most cordial and friendly people in Europe. All of them speak ancient Icelandic language, which has not changed at least for the last one thousand years, they believe in trolls and as nobody else support their national football team.

This country is exceptional not only due to red haired people, dreamlike landscapes and mythical past, but also due to its extraordinary present: environmental credentials – roughly  85% of consumed energy is from renewable resources, developed democracy with more than ten centuries history and surprising autonomy on the international scene.


We will be accompanied and trained by Irina Smolentseva
Ирина Смоленцева
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