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Freediving with orcas

January 5-8,
10 spots
EUR 400/630/850 
(1/2/3 days safari)

Seriously? Can you really swim and dive with killer whales?  Yes, you can! First of all, it relates to the specimen which eats fish rather than marine mammals (seals and whales). We will be looking for orcas of exactly this specimen.

In winter huge number or marine mammals head to the Norwegian sea in search for food. Orcas do a circle dance around herring, humpback whales treat themselves to plankton. 

As nobody else on Earth, we cannot guarantee that  orcas will honor us with their presence and the weather conditions will allow us to go in the sea at the appointed times, but we'll do our utmost to make these couple of day some of the most remarkable in your life.

What does it require?

What should you have? Which skills are required?

Generally speaking, you may not have any equipment and shall only be able to feel confident in the water. If this is the case for you, we will provide you with dry suits, boots, mask and snorkel. Specific feature of dry suits is that they completely isolate your body from the water (except for palms, feet and head) - they are very warm and you can put several layers of warm clothes underneath it. Downside of dry suits is that they are extremely buoyant and you can hardly freedive in it.

If you have your own wet suit (or dry suit) for cold water (+3-4 C) and other equipment, we recommend to bring it with you - it will save you 30 to 90 euro (depends on number of days in safari). Additional advantage of a wet suit is that you'll be able to do some dives, not only snorkel. 


We willl be led by:
Irina Smolentseva
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