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1200 USD
7 days
April 1-7, 8-14 2019

Free-diving with whales

One of the most important goals of this journey is to meet face-to-face with whales. We cannot explain why we are so much attracted by the giants, why we admire them and feel some sort of respect, peace and harmony. But we know for sure that meeting a whale is one of the most powerful experiences you can have in your life and everyone must try it.

There is no guarantee that whales will share a few moments of their silent and graceful lives with us, but we are going to do our best to make it happen: we’ll choose a right time and a right place, given their migration season and routes, and will have a highly experienced local whale watcher to help us searching whales.

We will also enjoy freediving deep water trainings, morning warm-ups, breathing and swimming exercises. Come join us!


What is included?
  • Searching whales and for possibility to swim with them in the ocean. We will go to the ocean on speed boats in groups of up to 5 people including the instructor. Groups are made intentionally small not to disturb the whales and be able to get as close to them as we can.  Our local guide will decide on which days we will be searching whales and for how long

  • Free-diving lectures (AIDA recognized certification). We teach freediving to people who have never heard of it as well as advanced freedivers

  • 6 days of free-diving. Water visibility from 15 to 50 meters, water reperature 30C - perfect conditions for freediving

  • Daily breathing exercises

  • Visit to a shallow Reef at Pigeon Island - national park in Sri Lanka to see some turtles and sharks

  • Visit to Sigirya, an ancient rock fortress with stunning views

  • Visit to the Fort Frederik and Koneshwaram temple

  • Lodging in a double room in economy class guest house

  • Colombo-Trinco-Colombo transfers

We can also offer a package without freediving (or any other element) and adjust the fee accordingly. Don't hesitate to reach to us via Facebook or email in case of any questions. 


We will be guided and trained by:
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This trip is organized together with our friends from Team Trip. If you’ve made your mind to become friends with whales, but have no desire to become a freediver, or if the deep blue appeals to you, but not to your soul mate, the click on the link and check out a “non-freediving” program of Team Trip, which is full of lectures about marine mammals, as well as visits to wildlife sanctuaries and cultural heritage sites.


Last year video from our trip to Sri Lanka

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