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We all came out of water, but some of us think that it was a mistake. If you are one of them, if you feel energized every time you touch water, if you'd like to spend as much time in water as possible, you are most likely a freediver

Freediving is not as popular as other water sports, but it's a matter of time - freediving is still very young as a sport or hobby. And we hope to contribute to develpment and popularization of freediving, and not only through ordinary teaching and pool trainings, but also by arranging deep water traingings in the most picturesque places on Earth and unforgettable experiences with marine mammals, with whom we (freedivers) have a lot in common.

Freediving with whales

Whales are our love forever! We try to arrange several deep water trips to those locations, where freediving can be complemented by watching whales and other morine mammals in their natural habitat. Here are our upcomming trips:


September, 2018


from previous trips

Freediving with whale

April, 2018. Sri-Lanka

Freediving with whales

April-May, 2017. Sri Lanka

Freediving in Silfra

July, 2017. Iceland

Freediving with whales

April, 2016. Sri Lanka

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